Blizzard recruits two more Overwatch teams at $20m each


Houston and Philly buy-in

Blizzard continues its steadfast recruitment drive to expand Overwatch as a global esport. Despite the shocking cost to secure a placement, Blizzard have just succeeded in bringing in two more teams.

ESPN is reporting that deals have been signed with both Comcast Spectator in Philadelphia and OpTic Gaming in Houston, securing the two companies rights to their city’s official Overwatch teams. Both spots went for a staggering $20 million each.

With these new recruits, Blizzard now have thirteen teams, with negotiations underway for Chicago to become the fourteenth, hopefully via a deal with Milwaukee Bucks owner, Wesley Edens.

This is all an incredibly optimistic movement on Blizzard’s part, but they are clearly going all-in for it, having also recently purchased arena space in Burbank, California. Just let me know if they need a team for Nottingham, UK. Not only will I be a really good Mercy, but I’ll gladly chuck in a fiver toward the buy-in fee.

The Overwatch League is expected to run its first competitive season in 2018.

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