Bloggers Wanted: April Fools


Believe nothing you hear

April Fools’ Day has passed and we’ve managed to survive. So Miles Morales isn’t replacing Peter Parker wholesale but we do still believe in that Nintendo Direct a week into their charade.

Every time April swings around I tell myself to believe in nothing unless it’s scientific because I have yet to be deceived by a scientist. The deception of April stings me especially bad in videogames because the April Fools’ gags in the print media used to be the stuff of legends. Gouken of Street Fighter IV started life as an April Fools’ joke from EGM with the name Shen Long. Some games even use active trickery to mess with you, like Eternal Darkness.

This month, we want you to try writing about your experience in some good old fashion Tricky Dickery. Whether you were at the blunt end of a tricky stick or were the perpetrator of some dick trickery, we want to hear about your experiences and in a broad scope too. Remember when Nintendo revealed Nester for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS last year? Or how about when Psycho Mantis went and blew your mind by data mining your memory card for Konami titles? Or maybe that time you spent an entire match in Team Fortress 2 ninjaneering some buildings?

Throughout April, just start a community blogand title your blog “April Fools: [your blog title here]” and talk about your memories of deceiving others or being deceived. Bring back all that disappointment and rage you’ve long buried in your soul so that we may point and laugh at how you fell for it. And don’t forget to use the tag Bloggers Wanted so Occams and I are especially guaranteed to see it. If your blog is a real gem, you’ll see it promoted to the front page!