Bloggers Wanted: Presents


What the hell is Kwanzaa?

It’s finally December! The finale of the year when people begin thinking of snow, goodwill towards men, and of course delicious presents. I remember looking forward to presents so much as a little kid. As an adult, I could just buy what I want without having to wait. Now I may have come full circle, looking forward to presents again since I’m dangerously poor, but I also have Netflix. So aside from outgrowing the sensation of receiving video game gifts, I look forward to receiving unique gifts reflective of my friends and of course, giving gifts to friends.

As gamers, sometimes shopping for gifts can be easy. Other times, not so much. One year I got Modern Warfare 3 when I was in a downslope of interest for that series and it upset my fiancée that after months of not playing, I sold it. But I also got Tomodachi Life last year, and that was a hoot for both of us (despite our miis never getting into a relationship together, which is still a sticking point for her). But the biggest deal to me was giving my fiancée a 3DS with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I grew closer to her since giving her a current Nintendo handheld we could play together.

So this month, we aren’t just talking about gifts you’ve received but also gifts you’ve given others. To be clear, it doesn’t necessarily have to be about giving and receiving video games as gifts. Before a friend of mine passed away, she made Animal Crossing neighbor charms that I could hang off my personal devices. I even got Cards Against Humanity from a secret Santa earlier and I can’t wait to give that a test run with some amusing adult parties later.

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There are so many opportunities in which you have probably received or given something good. A good Christmas? A memorable birthday? An obvious Kwanzaa? Kwanzaa is about giving gifts, right? Of course it is! Who knows? Maybe you can get some Christmas gift ideas from early adopters of the bloggers wanted prompt? All the more reason to start now!