Bloggers wanted: We are VR


Welcome to the future!

VR is pretty big now. Remember way back then when it was just a crude video experience? Strapping cameras to your face with only a few color outputs? I recall seeing a Tekken VR experience in a Gameworks once, where you stepped into a blue room and were expected to throw out lame punches and kicks to register simple attacks in the game. And this wasn’t even a Tekken built for VR — just a Tekken game jury-rigged to simulate VR actions. It was basically a more expensive Sega Activator!

There are people who have experienced modern-day virtual reality and are sold on it. And then of course those who have yet to experience it themselves due to the expense. We’re looking at a minimum of $400 for the easiest-to-access VR peripheral and that’s before considering the price of having the setup needed to use it ($350 for a PS4, god knows how much for a high-end video card that can render two 1080p screens at the same time). But VR is a huge, tantalizing fruit that many of us are interested in. Heck, we’ve recently seen researchers introduce test subjects to a VR experience where they rescue a cat that’s stranded on a construction girder hundreds of stories up in the air to conclusive results with how well VR works now compared to 30 years ago. People legitimately freaked out even if they should know they were physically on the ground.

This month’s bloggers wanted topic is about gauging your interest in VR. Obviously, not everyone got their hands on Oculus dev kits or decided to jump into a PlayStation VR pre-order or take out a mortgage for an HTC Vive. But if money was no object, what kind of experience would you love to see developed? After all, VR isn’t just gaming experiences but also immersive journeys and even interactive animations. What if we could retroactively get a VR support? Like Gran Turismo VR? Horror is a big, but what about puzzlers and adventure games? What kind of pie-in-the-sky design docs do you have about your own VR experience? Personally, I’d love to go to unique places I would never be able to visit like the Eiffel Tower or the Arctic Circle.

To join in, start a blog in the community and title it We are VR: [your blog title here]. Talk about anything related to the brave new world of virtual relaity, such as brand new experiences, what you’d want out of it, how stupid we look using it, anything! This isn’t a rehash topic of an annual holiday prompt. This is VR! It’s brand new and untested!