Bloggers Wanted: White Whales


I can do it! I will do it nine times!

Every new year, we make a resolution for us to accomplish. Then we promptly forget about losing weight or joining a gym or becoming an assassin. But this time around, we laser focus on the ones that got away. Because everyone has that one thing they’ve never finished despite how much they try. It’s not the same as a backlog per se. Anyone can double down and get through a backlog. But this game has some kind of personal history with you. This game is a white whale and your inner Ahab is cursing up a storm.

For me, I’ve beaten Ocarina of Time any number of times. Everyone has beaten that game at some point (unless OoT is your white whale). And Ocarina of Time 3D is a special part of my library as a birthday gift from myfiancée. But I’ve never beaten Master Quest, much less earnestly attempted it. The last time I tried, I died in the Great Deku Tree. I died in the first dungeon. After that, I never went back.

Until now.

Pixie has always loved Etrian Odyssey games, but never sticks with them. After all, they’re fun games that offer a mix of satisfaction and mental fatigue from mapping out dungeon floors as you clear them. But Pixie always comes up short in terms of finishing them. Beating an Etrian Odyssey game for her means she can probably move on to other great games she’s missed out on since the formula would spell disaster when it comes to finishing them, like Persona Q and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.

For us, this month means we finally catch our white whales.

For this month’s bloggers wanted, we want you to tell us about your white whales. What are they and why do you want to finish them? Are they long-time unfinished goals? Are they roadblocks that discourage you from trying similar games? And what do you expect the process of getting through it will be like? I say I want to beat Master Quest, but I’m currently hooked on Transformers Devastation and Darkest Dungeon. With Master Quest being available to me on 3DS, I suppose I could make time for it in between shifts.

So tell us about your white whales. Start a cblog and be sure to title it “White Whales: [your cblog title]” before you post it. Use the bloggers wanted tag, and in order to make sure your cblog appears in the bloggers wanted tag pool, don’t use any additional tags.

Now get out there and catch your white whale!