A Bloodborne fan whipped up an animated series concept styled after Genndy Tartakovsky shows


There’s a lot packed into this proof-of-concept

Some games awaken a creative passion in fans that never seems to fade. Even if there isn’t a PC port, or a PS5 remaster, or another game in this gothic horror style, Bloodborne fans will continue doing their thing forever — and here’s an eye-catching effort from one of them. Artist Anthony Berardo created a Bloodborne animated series concept.

I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to relate Bloodborne to the works of Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Primal), but my goodness, it works.

It’s a more vivid aesthetic than we’re used to for the citizens, creatures, and freakos of Yharnam, no question, but it’s compelling. I like seeing alternate interpretations like this.

The trailer is fast-paced, to the point where you’ll probably want to crank up the resolution and crank down the playback speed to fully process every sequence and every nod.

I honestly struggled to pick out the perfect image for this article — there were a lot of different options — and I’m going to cheat by slipping in a backup pick at the bottom. On that note, if you haven’t played Bloodborne, this animated series proof-of-concept does not hold back at all, so you’re going to see a bunch of out-of-context spoilers for characters, bosses, and locations, some of which are going to seem mighty strange.

Eileen the Crow in the Samurai Jack style

Eileen the Crow in the style of Samurai Jack? Today was a good day.

Even though I go back to replay this game from time to time, I almost feel like I don’t need to — there’s such a persistent and boisterous community of fans and creators rallying around Bloodborne that it always feels relevant to me, even when I’m out of the loop.

Imagine a day when From Software returns to this world. The internet might buckle.

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