Bloodborne doesn't get much of a boost from the PS4 Pro's boost mode


Also take a look at Dark Souls 2 and 3

When it comes to the PS4 Pro’s upcoming “Boost Mode” that’s now in beta testing, there’s only one genre I really care about in terms of any sort of performance enhancement — action games. If you can make a mascot platformer slightly more enjoyable by clicking a button so be it, but getting Bloodborneor Dark Souls IIIto 60FPS would be a dream come true. Sadly, we’re still not there yet.

Based on a test from Digital Foundry, the former doesn’t really benefit from the Pro’s boost other than keeping the framerate slightly closer to 30 — load times are only one second faster. So it’s something, I guess? The same goes for Dark Souls III— there’s no significant framerate enhancement past the 30 limit. The 60FPS-capable Dark Souls II: Scholarof the First Sinis actually more stable, hitting that max framerate target more often than the base game, which can dip to 50FPS when there’s lots of action on-screen.

It seems as if the only way we’re going to get 60FPS Bloodborneis by way of an official From Software patch. A patch, mind, that seems unlikely as they haven’t committed to anything as far back as the Pro’s reveal. There’s a few other tests in the video below, butSoulswas one of the most-requested.