Bloodborne is getting livelier with another Return to Yharnam event


I’m glad to see this tradition carry on

In what has become a lovely annual tradition, the Bloodborne community is once again planning to “Return to Yharnam.” It’s funny: I haven’t played or even thought much about the game for a good while, but even just reading that name Yharnam strikes a mix of fear and excitement into my heart.

As before, the general idea of this player-led movement is to celebrate an incredible video game by, well, playing it. For the 2019 shindig, Return to Yharnam will run from October 5 to November 5. Everyone is encouraged to start a fresh character the perfect opportunity to embrace a previously-unloved Trick Weapon and make the most of Bloodborne‘s online co-op and PvP features.

Players are also encouraged to dress in their Halloween best, though everyone seems to have a different idea about which spooky outfit will most fit the mood. There are a lot of worthy candidates.

Return to Yharnam 2019

The reception to Return to Yharnam 2019 has been great so far:

  • “I tried it out a couple months back after PS4 had it has a free monthly game ages ago. I love everything about this game but after beating my head against Father Gascoigne for a couple hours I stopped playing and never went back. I really would like to get past him, I think I’ll start a new character this week.” –Ta2punk
  • Bloodborne is so active now. It’s great. So many co-op summons, one on top of another. I never got to fight Ludwig so many times in a row before. Invasions keep happening as well. Super fun.” –Pixoholic
  • “To the player Eileen the Crow at Mergo’s Loft today. You fucking destroyed me at least 5 times straight, I was embarrassed to keep invading you. Well played, hunter.” –KingsMountainView
  • “Had an amazing time co-oping yesterday. Created a new character and started ringing the resonant bell in Central Yharnam and never had to wait more than 30 seconds to get summoned. Took down the cleric beast three times and Papa G twice. I love this event.” –theEolian
  • “I am loving every minute of this, I am playing literally every night and there are always co-ops and invasions without much of a wait. I’m at 115 and have finished NG (except final boss, don’t want to be dumped into NG+ and have to open up all areas again), now running Chalices and using Short Ritual altar a lot.” –man_from_online

It’s not too late to join in! Bloodborne is only $20 on the PlayStation Store these days.

I’ve gone to hell and back in Bloodborne multiple times over, and redownloading the game will take up time, storage space, and bandwidth, but those opening few hours are so iconic. The hunt is on.

I’m grinning just thinking about new players staring down that first monstrous pig.

Official: Return to Yharnam Halloween [reddit]