Bloodborne's 2022 Return to Yharnam event starts today


It’ll run through April 7, 2022

The 2022 Return to Yharnam annual Bloodborne community event is now underway, and will run through April 7. Hosted by the community Discord, the open-ended community-centric activity is a way to get people playing and talking about Bloodborne again for a few weeks, and as a participant: it’s usually a blast.

The event is completely “play your way,” in the sense that you can just boot up the game, enjoy it at your pace (for the first time, or a repeat run), and sign off. But as usual, there’s a few extra things you can do to spice things up that the event runners encourage others to partake in:

  • Create a brand new character and co-op and PVP whenever able
  • Change your matchmaking to worldwide to interact with as many people as possible
  • Leave the message “you’re in the know, right?” next to the bath messengers in the hub area and upvote when possible

While Bloodborne is a fantastic game, I wish it was on more platforms. It just goes to show you the indomitable spirit of the community and the staying power of the PlayStation platform that this many people turn out for it year after year. Whatever the equivalent for Elden Ring will be: it’s going to sing! That thing sold incredibly well and is on basically everything.

And can I just say: perfect timing for Return to Yharnam, right after a chunk of people have had time to play through Elden Ring. If you want more details on the Bloodborne 2022 Return to Yharnam, they’re available on the community Discord.