Bloodstained just got a Switch performance update


Expect shorter load times and less input lag

The wait is finally over for the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night performance patch on Nintendo Switch.

The update, which just went live this afternoon, hopes to address longstanding concerns over input lag, visual clarity, stability, and patience-testing load times. Look for version 1.03 that’s the ticket.

In a post on Kickstarter, the development team said that while Bloodstained will feel more responsive now, “there are still a few areas that need optimizing that will be included in update 1.04.” Similarly, while load times have been shortened by “up to 70%” with today’s update, some areas need more attention. “We will keep working to improve this on a room-by-room basis,” the team said.

In other Bloodstained news, it’s slow-going for Zangetsu (who will become a playable character) and Xbox One fans waiting for update 1.04 and IGA’s Back Pack DLC the timing is still being worked out.

“We are very close to delivering [Zangetsu] to everyone, so please wait patiently until then,” IGA said.

505 Games also provided an update on the situation in Japan. “Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, Bloodstained was delayed from its originally planned release date on the digital PlayStation 4 storefront, but should be live as of today, Oct. 31, 2019,” the publisher explained. “Japanese PlayStation 4 physical copies are arriving in our warehouse now, and distribution to backers should begin Friday. Digital copies are expected to arrive and be distributed to backers early next week.”

It hasn’t been an easy road for Bloodstained, and there’s still work to do, but gosh, what a game. As long as these updates keep coming, I’m bound to double-dip with the Switch edition eventually.

Development Update: Nintendo Switch Update is here! [Kickstarter]