Bombshell's sword does exactly what you'd expect a sword to do


Cut my life into pieces

The sword may be the pinnacle of tried-and-true when it comes to weaponry. The formula was perfect some 3,000 years ago and little has changed since. Sure, there have been some incremental improvements (everyone wants a Hattori Hanzo), but the gist remains “grab the not-sharp end, hit people with the sharp end.”

Bombshell‘s protagonist sprung for an iteration that’s energy-fueled. Unnecessary maybe, given that swords are perfectly functional without the laser beams. It’s clearly a style over substance move, but the substance is still there, too. Cake and eating it.

What any of this means for the game as a whole remains to be seen. Steven has been power-swording and bomb-shelling his way through 3D Realms’ latest romp. Expect his review in the near future.