Booby dungeon crawler Omega Labyrinth Z rejected by Sony


Shakes tiny fist

Earlier this year, we learned sexy-anime-girl-dungeon-crawler and horribly named Omega Labyrinth Z would not be seeing release in Australia due to its content. The game features high school girls with big boobs you can play around with using the PlayStation Vita touchscreen, so seeing it banned on Nanny Island was no big surprise. Neither was news it would be refused ratings in the UK, Germany, and New Zealand. This, however, is a surprise.

PQube Games, publisher of all things distinctively Japanese, announced via Twitter the title’s western release is no longer happening. While Omega Labyrinth Z passed through the ESRB and PEGI without issue, the localization is being called off due to “the wishes of the platform holder.”

Please see below the statement on the situation of #OmegaLabyrinthZ in the West. It is with sadness that we announce that the game is cancelled on both platforms and all Western regions permanently. We will not comment further on this matter. Thank you for your support.

— PQube (@PQubeGames) June 25, 2018

I appreciate how frank and apologetic PQube Games is in the statement. Getting Omega Labyrinth Z ready for western games has been quite the ordeal and it’s a shame its path to release hit a deadend. Make no mistake, I’m not disappointed because it’s one less booby game on the market. I’m disappointed because it’s one less roguelike dungeon crawler I’m going to be able to play and one less reason to turn on my Vita in 2018. I guess I still have Muv-Luv to look forward to, if that’s any consolation.

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