Bootleg Star Fox 2 SNES carts already for sale online


Mate, I can get you Golden Axe for three quid

Hope you’re all enjoying your SNES Classics, that I’m not-at-all jealous and bitter of. I wonder how many of you right now have leapt straight into the unreleased flying-furry sequel, Star Fox 2?

Well, several folk have not only leapt straight into it, but they have already succeeded in ripping the ROM and burning it to original SNES carts, before sticking them up for purchase on auction sites and elsewhere on the Information Superhighway.

I’m not even sure why a collector would want a bootleg of said game. It obviously doesn’t come with replicated packaging to look snazzy on your bookshelf. Many ROM hustlers would gladly just have the ripped game sitting in their SNES emulation folder. But, for around $60, you can have an unauthentic version of the sci-fi adventure that never was.

I’m sure The Big N have zero problem with this practice, and in no way will be coming down on anyone engaging in selling the of the SNES Classic’s rarest ROM, less than 24 hours from its frenzy-inducing store release.