Borderlands 2 lead writer Anthony Burch is leaving Gearbox


Going to Los Angeles to work on a new RocketJump project

Almost five years ago, Anthony Burch went from being a Destructoid staff member to a Destructoid alumnus, moving on to work as a writer at Gearbox Software. On his personal Twitter account this morning, he announced that he would be leaving Gearbox to work on a new series for Hulu produced by Video Game High School studio RocketJump.

In his time at Gearbox, Burch was the lead writer for Borderlands 2 and its downloadable content. He also contributed to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He definitely made his voice heard through the characters on Pandora, and while there are plenty out there who resent that, I appreciate what he did to bring the Borderlands universe to life.

Gearbox recently posted an opening for a writer. Though it is not certain that it is related to today’s news, I can imagine that the prospect of potentially working on the Borderlands series has made the position even more attractive.

Uh so I’m moving to LA to be head writer on this show I’ll miss Gearbox a LOT but uh yeah this could be really fun

— Anthony Burch (@reverendanthony) January 30, 2015

Also there’s a not insignificant chance I’ll fall on my face and be back at Gearbox in six months sooo don’t be surprised if that happens

— Anthony Burch (@reverendanthony) January 30, 2015