Borderlands 3 aiming for a 60 FPS option on Xbox One X


Performance/Visual toggle being offered

At yesterday’s Borderlands 3 reveal event, Windows Central caught up with Gearbox Software and asked some questions about the upcoming looter shooter. In initial listings for the game, 4K output was mentioned for Xbox One X with variable framerate support being an option. Inquiring further, the outlet was able to get Chris Brock (software producer for Gearbox) to clarify what that means.

“Xbox One will be 30 FPS,” Brock said. “Xbox One X we’re shooting for 60 FPS, but we’ll do what we can. We intend to offer favor fidelity and favor performance-type options. Yes, 4K on Xbox One X.”

That sounds about right, considering a lot of newer games provide similar options on the souped-up console versions. Whether these options will be available on PS4 Pro is yet to be seen, though it’s probably a given.

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