Borderlands 3 DLC guide: How to solve the Horror in the Woods brew puzzle


Look to the books (or signs)

Near the tail-end of theBorderlands 3: Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLCyou’ll come across a mission called “Horror in the Woods,” that puts you face to face with a [spoiler] enemy. Before you can actually reach that fight though, you’ll have to tackle a puzzle.

The solve is simple, but this will save you a bit of time. Continue reading for the solution!

Puzzle (non-story) spoilers:

Ready? Okay, you probably came here to move on, after all.

So if you’re anything like me, you’ll start mixing concoctions right away with reckless abandon. Don’t do that. All along the perimeter of the area you’ll find signs for potential brews littered about, but you only want one of them: The Flaming Maw.

This formula has a potency of “five skulls” (the maximum), and will be strong enough to keep the questline moving. It involves green liquid on the left, orange in the middle and blue on the right. Just take a look up at the barrel of liquid at the control panel and see what color it is: move the device to dump the liquid in the right container, then repeat the process twice for the other colors. The colors are chosen automatically.

And that’s it! Once you press the left-most button the brew will be complete.