Borderlands 3 has been out for nearly two years, and here's an event to remind you of your mortality


Two years?

Borderlands 3 has been out for two years. No way! I refuse to believe it. Okay I checked Wikipedia. And my review. I guess it’s technically a month away from its second anniversary, but Gearbox is celebrating it now with an event.

That event is Loot the Universe, which is a returning series of events, actually. Starting today and running through September 9, there’s going to be five weeks of “better drops, with specific types of legendary loot having increased chances of dropping in one of that planet’s zones. Initially it’s being held on Pandora, before swapping to Promethea, then Eden-6, then Nekrotafeyo.

After that, on September 9 at 9AM PT, there’s going to be “two more mini-events” called Mayhem Made Mild and Show Me the Eridium, which are mainly revisiting old Borderlands 3 events.

I haven’t played Borderlands 3 in a bit, but I’m sure I’ll still bust it out when new content hits, and whenever someone feels like doing another party run.

Here’s the full Borderlands 3 Loot the Universe schedule:

  • Week 1 (9:00 AM PT August 12 to 8:59 AM PT August 19) – Pandora;
  • Week 2 (9:00 AM PT August 19 to 8:59 AM PT August 26) – Promethea;
  • Week 3 (9:00 AM PT August 26 to 8:59 AM PT September 2) – Eden-6;
  • Week 4 (9:00 AM PT September 2 to 8:59 AM PT September 9) – Nekrotafeyo.