Borderlands 3 is making it easier to earn legendary items tomorrow for a limited time


The ‘mini-event’ lasts two weeks

If you’ve been playing Borderlands 3 obsessively since launch, odds are you have all the loot you could even want by now.

For everyone else, there’s catch-up events. Gearbox already ran a string of them close to the game’s launch, but starting tomorrow, the “Farming Frenzy” will be in effect. Gearbox is dubbing this a “mini event,” and it’ll take place from January 16 through January 30.

The gist is that you’ll have two weeks to earn better loot, with enhanced drops from the Circle of Slaughter, Proving Grounds and boss portions of the game (the latter of which are repeatable). Rare spawns are also going to be supercharged by the event, which kicks off at 9AM PT exactly tomorrow (and will run through the same time on January 30).

Gearbox is quick to point out that the Maliwan Blacksite scaling event is happening at the same time, so this is a great opportunity to jump back into the game and catch up. The first DLC also arrived last month, in case you own the season pass but haven’t played it yet.

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