Borderlands 3 team is 'aware of new community concerns,' and will address them after the holiday


Developers: they’re people too!

The lull period has begun. You know the time: when people are off visiting their families and no big games are coming out (unless you’re Super Smash Bros. and the month is December 2018). As a result patches might not come as expediently as pretty much any other time of year, and Gearbox is reminding folks that the same rules also apply to them.

Taking to Twitter, the studio notes that they are “aware of new community concerns that have been reported following the November 21 patch,” this week’s hotfix changelog is pretty light, but more fixes are on the way, as soon as next week. The culprit? Among other lingering problems, fast travel is a bit buggy now, and some players are reporting that guardian rank perks are bugged.

As for thisround of hotfixes, which is actually a hotfix, the update rectifies a bug with the legendary shotgun The Butcher, where the recoil was a tad sillier than anticipated. Given that it’s a pretty hot gun it’s worth of its own update.

There’s a grace period of sorts until the first major DLC drops (that’s December 19), so it’s a perfect time for a ‘lil break. Not every game can behobby-grade all the time!

Hotfixes [Gearbox]

Hotfixes (November 26, 2019):

  • Addressed a reported concern where The Butcher could occasionally experience excessive recoil