Borderlands 3's FL4K gets by with a little help from their friends


Pet Project

Gearbox has released the fourth hero trailer for its upcoming looter shooter Borderlands 3. Having introduced us to the wily Zane Flynt, the mighty mech-lover, Moze and siren starlet Amara, this latest video showcases the razor-sharp hunting skills of FL4K as dibbed by our own Chris Carter.An intelligent robot with advanced human characteristics, FL4K wanders the barren wastelands, always on “The Hunt.” That is, prepped and ready to root out and eliminate the bad guys, wherever they may be and in whatever number. Something of a loner, FL4K is nevertheless accompanied by one of several “pets,” strange and bizarre creatures that can lend buffs to themselves and their allies in battle, or fearlessly combat any enemy that crosses their path.

As we can see in this trailer, FL4K has the ability to phase out for short periods of time, becoming invisible while gaining speed and regenerating health. FL4K is a master of long-distance weaponry which, when combined with their little buddies, make them a formidable assailant.

This is likely the last of the hero trailers, though no doubt we can expect more characters to turn up in the Borderlands down the line. I’ve quite enjoyed each of these mini-movies, and think they’ve done a good job in introducing us to this wild band of heroes, while effectively building hype for the sequel.

Borderlands 3 launches September 13 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.