Both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games hit current-gen systems next week


PC, PS4, Xbox One

Roughly a month ago both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance titles were rated for current-gen systems, and today at SDCC, it was confirmed that yes — this event has indeed heralded the arrival of the pair on PC, PS4, and Xbox One .

They’ll actually be available as early as next Tuesday July 26, digitally, for $39.99 each or $59.99 as a bundle. Pricey I know, but the original editions were underprinted, and can fetch an abnormally high price depending on what version you want. Marvel also reminds us that both do still feature couch co-op, and that although they’re basically the same as their original counterparts, there are “some UI and graphic enhancements,” as well as “modern features” (presumably the share button and the like).

Wait for some impressions before picking them up (re-releases have been known to add in extra bugs), but provided that everything is kosher, I do suggest getting them if you’re a fan of beat ’em ups. They’re not as good as the two X-Men Legends games, but they’ll do.

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