Bravely Default II is coming to Steam next week


Be brave or default on mouse and keyboard

The grand RPG adventure of Bravely Default II won’t just be on the Switch anymore. Square Enix announced today that Bravely Default II is coming to PC via Steam on Sept. 2, 2021.

Bravely Default II is a new entry in the Bravely Default series, not to be confused with Bravely Second: End Layer, which was a sequel to the original. Bravely Default II, rather, is a standalone adventure, similar to how Final Fantasy games are often separate worlds.

The RPG will be priced at $59.99, though it’s launching with a 10% launch discount running from now through Sept. 13.

It’s been a while since the launch of Square Enix’s old-school-inspired RPG. Though now that it’s already had a pretty good reception on Nintendo’s handheld, maybe Steam owners looking for a throwback adventure might be interested in picking it up.

No mention yet of whether the Bravely Default II demo will be appearing on Steam as well, ready and waiting to annihilate the unprepared. Hopefully that pops up soon, as other RPGs have also started to (gradually) bring their demos onto PC. Meanwhile, I’m betting the art and animations of this RPG will look pretty nice with some PC power behind it. Look out for it to hit the Steam storefront on Sept. 2.