Breakers Collection bringing forgotten '90s fighter to console and PC


You ain’t ready for my Rila, seriously

In fantastic news I would never have imagined, publisher QUByte Interactive has announced than it will release a double pack of the weird and wonderful ’90s fighters Breakers and Breaker’s Revenge on consoles and PC sometime next year. Breakers Collection will include “a range of new features”, but unfortunately few details were forthcoming.

Breakers, originally launched in arcades and for the Neo Geo platform in 1996, is a typical one-on-one fighter with an atypical roster. Breakers’ wild, colourful characters engage in combat as part of the Fighting Instinct Tournament – or F.I.S.T, even though that acronym doesn’t work.

Breakers received an upgrade in the form of Breaker’s Revenge in 1997, adding new characters, altering visuals, and re-balancing the roster. Despite both titles relative obscurity, Breaker’s Revenge is kind of a riot, and definitely worth checking out today. This collection will afford that opportunity to a new generation of players, who can look forward to playing it and muttering “What the fuck was Moyse on about?”

Breakers Collection will launch on consoles and PC in 2020.