Breath of the Wild is only 900p on the Switch, for those who care


Only ‘180’ more pixels!!!

With each new console generation comes the expected boost in hardware power, but Nintendo has never been a typical console manufacturer. For all intents and purposes, the Nintendo Switch just looks like a portable Wii U, which may be why The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will only output at 900p while in docked mode. Yes, we won’t be getting a full 1080p presentation for the newest Zelda game (which both Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD provided).

Some other details about the differences between the two versions of Breath of the Wild were also discussed with IGN. According to Nintendo, the Wii U version will be locked at 720p and the Switch version will contain “higher quality environmental sounds.” While the latter really shouldn’t be the case, I’m guessing that comes down to a RAM issue, since the Wii U doesn’t have much in the way of available memory.

Both versions are also targeting a 30 FPS framerate, which should put a lot of Wii U owners at ease. I know the E3 demo from last year struggled to maintain a consistent framerate, but Nintendo rarely releases games in a shoddy state. If anything, some of the graphical quality may be lowered on the Wii U, but I doubt even that will happen.

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