Bright Memory Infinite will launch in November for PC


The Xbox Series X|S version is ‘coming soon’

The storm is on its way to PC soon, as Bright Memory Infinite has locked in a release date for PC. The fast-paced FPS will arrive on Nov. 12 for PC via Steam and GOG.

Bright Memory Infinite is a follow-up to its prequel Bright Memory, which throws protagonist Shelia into combat against both futuristic soldiers and mythological beings. To fight them, she can make use of guns, blades, gadgets, and movement options.

Really, this trailer needs to be seen to be believed. At multiple points I thought I had hit the theoretical action-climax of it, only to see Bright Memory Infinite top itself again. It’s a really fun watch.

Bright Memory Infinite is from the one-man game studio FYQD Studio, which is pretty impressive given how nice this game looks. It’s only set a date for PC at the moment, though it will be coming to Xbox Series X|S at some point in the future too.

Owners of Bright Memory on Steam or GOG will also be able to get a free copy of Bright Memory Infinite, as long as they picked up the former before Nov. 11.

I’m digging this high-octane FPS. It’s giving me shades of Titanfall and Ghostrunner, and maybe even Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceI’m just saying, over-the-top action? Fast movement? Sick future tech and swords? That sounds like some Metal Gear Rising to me, and I’m down for that.

We’ll see how Bright Memory Infinite turns out when it launches for PC via Steam and GOG on Nov. 12, 2021.