Bright Memory: Infinite trailer showcases Shelia's full-auto firepower


Putting the ‘Battle’ in Battle Angel

Fledgling studio FYQD has released a new trailer for its action-hybrid title Bright Memory: Infinite. The fast-paced shooter is one of a number of games showcased in this weekend’s ChinaJOY 2020 digital entertainment expo.

Bright Memory: Infinite is the final-form follow-up to paid PC demo Bright Memory, currently available to purchase on Steam. It tells the story of an expertly trained special agent named Shelia, who is dispatched by her clandestine organisation, SRO, to scenes of hazardous physical phenomena. After a violent storm rages across the planet, causing the manifestation of time and dimension-hopping apparitions. Shelia is assigned to investigate the cataclysmic event.

Bright Memory: Infinite is a frenetic sci-fi action title that combines anti-gravity melee with ballistic firepower and athletic movement. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to describe its combat akin to “first-person Devil May Cry.” Perhaps Infinite‘s most impressive element lies with its meager workforce, with almost the entirety of the game’s design, art, and coding performed by a single developer, FYQD’s Zeng Xiancheng.

Promising hi-octane action, a twisting storyline, exciting vehicular mayhem, and stunning next-gen visuals, Bright Memory: Infinite remains one of my most anticipated releases of the coming year. Having gotten a taste of the action through its (admittedly brief) paid-demo, I’m very much on tenterhooks to check out the final release.

Bright Memory: Infinite is in development for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Its short prologue, Bright Memory, is available now on PC. Purchasing the prologue on PC will also gain you access to the full game on launch.