Britain's decision to exit European Union raises mobile app prices over 20%


7.99 pounds to 9.99 pounds for Super Mario Run

Whether you wanted it or not, Britain’s decision to exit the European Union (in 2019) has already had some consequences, and one of them is increased prices for apps.

Colloquially known as “Brexit,” the move sprung price hikes that are sweeping all across Europe, and now, it’s hit the UK iOS App Store. As of this week there’s a 25% price increase for all apps, which naturally includes games. There was some talk that Nintendo would drop the price of Super Mario Run to accommodate this change, but as of today it’s now£9.99, up from£7.99.

There’s bigger issues afoot with this issue naturally, but since this is a game blog, you can plan your gaming habits accordingly!

[Thanks Jack!]