Brock Lesnar and his big dumb sword are on the cover of WWE 2K17


Please don’t tell him I said that

Brock Lesnar a/k/a The Beast Incarnate a/k/a Bork Laser has been announced as the cover athlete for this fall’s WWE 2K17. He’s not alone, though. His co-star is his ever-present brass knuckles saber ink. I guess Seth Rollins never succeeded in “ripping that stupid sword tattoo off Brock’s chest.”

The cover art, which can be seen below, is interesting in that it somehow makes Lesnar look less intimidating than he does on television. He’s surrounded by lightning fire and that still doesn’t seem as badass as when he dismantles John Cena with 15 German Suplexes. Lesnar is the only person who is less terrifying when lightning fire is on his side.

Lesnar, who only works limited dates in WWE, is surely the cover star because of his impending (presumably) one-off fight at UFC next month for UFC 200. WWE is constantly looking to attract outside fans and the mixed martial arts crowd is one of its primary targets. The logic is likely that maybe some UFC folks will be inclined to buy the game because they recognize him from his fights in the octagon.

Brock isn’t the only star being used to move copies of WWE 2K17. Last month, Goldberg was announced as a pre-order bonus. It’s unknown if these guys will ever clash in the squared circle, but come October 11, you can pit digital versions of these two against one another. That’s as good as it gets for now.