Brutal Legend and Doom Eternal headline October's Game Pass offerings


EA Play also comes to Game Pass Ultimate on November 10

Xbox Game Pass continues to get better. As Brett pointed out recently, Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda is a boon for the service, as Doom Eternalwas announced mere days after the news. We knew it was coming on October 1, but there’s more than just Doomarriving in October.

This morning, Microsoft unveiled the full October 2020 Game Pass lineup. Doom Eternalwill be joined by Drake Hollowon October 1: so far, so good. On October 8, we’ll also get Brutal Legend, Forza Motorsport 7and Ikenfell. Talk about a spread!

Man, seeing Brutal Legendin any context again brings back a rush of memories. I remember how stoked everyone was about the demo (a playable Jack Black metal game with Tim Curry as the villain? How could you go wrong?!); and how polarizing it was after people realized that it was actually part (janky) RTS. What a whirlwind of discussion that game was.

Now we can relive it all over again with a new generation! And race some cars and go on adventures together at the same time. Game Pass is going to be killer once the new generation hits. Speaking of!

Electronic Arts has announced today that EA Play is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on November 10. Hey, that’s right when the next generation starts!

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