Bungie cagey about the future of Destiny


The studio doesn’t want to talk about it right now

The future of Destiny is unclear.

That was my big takeaway from a recent interview with Bungie’s Scott Taylor, the executive producer behind the online first-person shooter’s forthcoming expansion,Rise of Iron.

“We’re still working on what the road map is for Destiny after September 20, (when the add-on drops)” Taylor repeatedly told me whenever I attempted to ascertain any information regarding how the Bellevue-based studio plans to support its popular title moving forward.

With a Destiny sequel already confirmedfor a 2017 release, I was curious about what percentage of Bungie is still devoted to the original game. I asked Taylor about how many people are working on Rise of Iron and if it would be the original game’s final expansion. And beyond the new raid, more missions, and a third social space, what sort of support can fans expect out of Destiny post-September? Will we be seeing more holiday-themed updates and timed events, like the Sparrow Racing League?

Taylor remained tight-lipped throughout this barrage of questioning.

“We’re certainly going to be supporting the game,” he did say “We’re still working on locking down what [the road map] looks like and then we’ll be excited to share [our plans] with the world.”

While Bungie is clearly focused on Rise of Iron(at least outwardly), Taylor was even hesitant to go into great detail about that. He told me the expansion “fits nicely” (in terms of size) between House of Wolves and The Taken King, and recounted a list of what all will be included. But when it came down to delving into what, say, the new Crucible mode is exactly, he immediately clammed up.

Bungie promises to reveal more information about Destiny‘s future in the coming weeks and months, and I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. Bungie will talk when it’s good and ready to talk.