Bungie denies paid boosts for Destiny after dataminers uncover remnants


Leftovers from an old mechanic

Recently, dataminers uncovered items that seemed to indicate that paid level, subclass, and engram (loot) boosts were coming to Destiny now that the microtransaction floodgates have been opened. Bungie denied it recently on Twitter, but has taken to the weekly update blog to explain further why they did so.

Evidently, those were remnants of a past concept that was going to be handled in-game with Xur, the weekly items vendor. According to the post, “the team decided that they didn’t have a place in the game, and cut them from the experience.” The rumor is that Bungie is going to add more cosmetic options to the game to supplement content going forward, and is moving away from paid expansions and the like until Destiny 2— which needs to justify its inevitable Season Pass somehow.

As long as Bungie sticks to its guns, I’m okay with just cosmetic microtransactions, similar to World of Warcraftfor many years until it introduced paid level boosts.

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