Bungie isn't immediately fixing a beneficial Destiny 2 glitch


It’s coming later

If something benefits the playerbase in Destiny, dating all the way back to the original launch of the game years ago: you can bet Bungie will fix it right away, same-day, with hotfix. If an issue hinders players or perhaps makes a fun part of the game less fun, they’ll wait indefinitely, or never fix it. It’s the Bungie way!

But this time they’re letting something slide, part of their “we’re a new Bungie now” image campaign ever since leaving Activision (where they also took the opportunity to further monetize the Eververse, the game’s microtransaction store, instead of getting rid of it — its existence was originally blamed on Activision).

The issue is in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Opulence content, or specifically, the Menagerie activity. In short players were taking advantage to get extra rewards at the end of each run, spawning extra loot from the final chest. Bungie has publicly acknowledged the glitch, and in a rare case, has decided to leave it be and will patch it on July 9: jokingly saying that it goes inline with the “Opulence” theme of the third season pass drop.

Just a PSA: you can take advantage of it now!

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