Bungie shares more upcoming changes for Destiny 2's endgame, including exotic raid drop alterations


In addition to the solar reworks

Bungie is gearing up for the “Season of Dawn” era of content in Destiny 2, which will run throughout March 9 and will bring plenty of solar subclass reworks. But lots of stuff is happening in Season of Dawn beyond that, and Bungie just broke it down for us in their most recent update.

The biggest thing without a doubt? Exotic engram changes. Exotic engrams and Fated engrams are now the same thing, which award the player with a newexotic for their collection (which then defaults into a random piece of Exotic armor if that parameter isn’t met). The powerful gearscore cap is now 960 (an increase of 10) and the pinnacle cap is now 970 (same increase).

Thankfully Escalation Protocol wave seven chests don’t require a key: you just get it now, and you also earn a piece of Escalation armor each time, with the same unique rules as the above engram changes. Weapon mod slotting is now 500 glimmer (!) instead of 5000, and there are repeatable bounties at the Gunsmith with flexible completion requirements (strike/crucible/gambit).

Bungie also “agrees” that there are too many premium-only currency microtransaction items (that’s what I said months ago!); they’re changing the system so “around 80%” of Eververse content can be acquired by Bright Dust currency “at some point” during the Season of Dawn. Vague at best but the gumption is there and appreciated. Bungie is also offering more transparency on what exactly is going to be silver-only content going forward.

This seems to be a unanimously good set of changes! Now to see if the content can get me through March.

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