Bungie's next big goal for Destiny 2 is to smooth out lingering performance issues


‘A performance pass’

Destiny 2 has been in a weird spot since Shadowkeeparrived.

That big expansion launched last October, but since then Bungie has relied on smaller, more incremental updates (and the season pass model) to keep players interested. The thing is, a lot of these activities are being removed from the game permanently over time so if you miss out, you’ve missed out forever. The good news? Bungie is going to be smoothing over some issues that have been lingering for a while: so those of you who do still actively play should benefit.

Noting that the team is “deep in the code,” the latest This Week at Bungie blog explains that the Chamber of Suffering should get some performance improvements, as well as bug fixes for the Necropolis, Sanctified Mind, Crucible matches and the UI in general. Bungie also points out that they’re aware of numerous framerate issues, particularly in some of the game’s instanced Shadowkeepencounters. You can find a quick rundown of some preliminary patch notes below.

For now, I’m mostly curious what Destiny Year 3 will look like. Hopefully the next expansion is a little more explosive.

This Week at Bungie [Bungie.net]

Patch Note Preview:


  • Fixed an issue that is preventing Eris from granting her final Lore entry
  • Fixed an issue where the “Green with Envy” Quest was not progressing for some players
  • Fixed an issue where the “Playin’ the Odds” emblem was not unlocking correctly for players
    • This could prevent some players from fully unlocking the Dredgen title
  • Improved Black Armory Rare Bounty acquisition
    • Chances increase as you complete weekly and daily bounties
    • Guaranteed to drop from bounty completion after 5 days if completing all Ada-1 bounties


  • Fixed an issue where the Heavy Handed mod could trigger from Telesto bolts
  • Fixed an issue where players could retain buffs from Wormgod Caress, Winter’s Guile, and Synthoceps even after swapping armor
    • Equip restrictions on Wormgod Caress and Winter’s Guile will be lifted once this patch has shipped