Bust out Kirby Star Allies this weekend as Daroach, Dark Meta Knight, and Adeleine were just added as free DLC


This game rules

Kirby Star Allies has found a way, much like life itself, onto my TV screen on a consistent basis since its launch in March of this year. It’s not just a fantastic replayable platformer: it’s also been somewhat steadily supported by DLC for the past four months, whether it’s small updates or big meaty character add-ons.

That latter bit is important, because Kirby Star Alliesjust hit its second character pack milestone this week — booting up your copy and updating to the latest version will net you Dark Meta Knight, Daroach, and Adeleine/Ribbon as Dream Friends (read: playable allies). This update has rolled out worldwide so no matter what region you’re in you’ll be able to experience the free update.

If you’re into spoilers a dataminer accurately predicted every DLC so far since April. You can find the full list of wave three characters here.

Nintendo [Twitter]