Buy all your controllers on Black Friday


The most reliable discounts year after year

I can go years and years without a single video game Black Friday sale grabbing me. Sometimes it’s a bunch of games I’m not interested in anymore, even if they’re steeply discounted. Sometimes it’s a bunch of games I was never interested in in the first place.

Here’s something I make sure to do every Black Friday, though: I buy a new controller. Sales on controllers come around literally every Black Friday, and they’re almost always the exact same — usually about $20 off the normal retail price.

Which brings us to this controller sale which is… $20 off the normal retail price! Best Buy is selling Xbox Series X controllers for $40, down from the usual $60. If you want that snazzy blue one, it’ll run you $45. It’s the kind of sale you can set your watch to.

Me? I think I’m grabbing a couple. I play Rocket Leaguevery aggressively, and the shoulders and sticks don’t hold up for an entire year. Black Friday’s the best time to stock up. There will certainly be more controller sales in the coming days. Best Buy has the best discounts right now, though.

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