Buy an Xbox One from Dell, get a $100 eGift Card bonus


That’s one hundred smackeroos

Last month, Microsoft ran a decent campaign to get you to buy an Xbox One. Now that a new month has rolled in, its $50 discount is over and Xbox Ones are back to full price at basically all retailers. The same is true for Dell Home, but it’s tossing in a bonus $100 eGift Card if you buy a Xbox. Retailers really want to move these Xbox One units. If you ever want a hint that new hardware or a price drop is coming after summer, this is it.

This offer has a limited-time run. On May 9 at 8:00am Eastern, the $100 eGift Card will no longer be automatically added to your order.

As you can see from the image, this is a Dell Home Promotional eGift Card. The “card” is actually a code arrives 10-20 days after your order is shipped to your email. Note that once it arrives, you’ll only have 90 days to spend the $100. This is good towards anything on, so you can pick up more games, extra controllers, or whatever else you want. 25 selfie sticks? Sure, why not.

(They don’t sell selfie sticks.)

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