Cadence of Hyrule gets special Switch achievements, beat rumble controller toggle


I’m still playing this, doing random runs

Cadence of Hyrule burst onto the scene in June and has been kind of low key beloved since then. This latest patch falls in line with the status quo of post-launch support as it doesn’t have a ton of Earth-shattering additions, but it gets the job done.

The biggest change is probably the introduction of achievements, which as you probably know, aren’t supported by default on the Switch. Developer Brace Yourself Games also managed to sneak in leaderboards for co-op: and if you use co-op at all you’ll be forced to use that list. Another interesting tidbit is “Beat Rumble,” which is a new options menu toggle that turns your remotes into little beat keepers.

The other changes are mostly small and housekeeping related: things like bug fixes, the chance to see the credits (and thus easily read all the song titles) on command, and other quality of life fixes like better ice and wind character control, as well as color-blind specifications.

That’s pretty much all you really need beyond more characters! This game will always be as evergreen as Link’s tunic.

You can find the full patch notes below.

Brace Yourself Games [Discord via Reddit]


– Added achievements– Added leaderboard categories for co-op. If co-op is used at any point during a run, the run will become a “co-op” run for leaderboard purposes– Added more granularity to time-based leaderboard scores– Added a “Beat Rumble” option, that gently vibrates the controller on the beat– Added “(<character> only)” flyaway when a player picks up a weapon their character cannot currently use– Added collision in several areas to prevent map escapes and dungeon skips– Added an option to see the credits from the main menu– adjusted enemy movement behaviour when an enemy is being pushed against a wall by wind– Adjusted player movement behaviour when holding an object while being pushed by wind– Adjusted player movement behaviour when pushing an object while sliding on ice– Added an option to change some HUD elements to improve readability for colour-blind players– Changed HUD elements to grey-out when the player does not have enough stamina for that action– Prevent giving out dagger/short sword in “Flawless Victory” blue chest– Fixed a bug that could cause enemies to take an extra move when the song looped– Fixed a bug where bombs could be lifted after they had exploded, with unintended results– Fixed a bug where game time would continue to count up if the console was put to sleep or quit to the home menu– Fixed a bug where skipping the cutscene between phases of the Ganon battle could prevent him from refilling his health– Many other bug fixes