Call of Duty: Modern Warfare prepping for launch with explosive trailer


We’re off to Never Never Land

We’re two weeks away from the launch of the latest entry in Activision’s bombastic billion-dollar franchise Call of Duty. Going back to the characters and themes that made the series a bonafide legend, Modern Warfare looks to juxtapose harrowing, realistic and relatable violence with a weird popcorn, Michael-Bay-movie sensibility.

This new trailer chooses to go full Hollywood, and features the returning Captain Price and company laying waste to the world with more firepower than any one military could hope to muster. Backed by a weird remix of Metallica’s Enter Sandman – pulled straight from the Big Book of Marketing’s CD collection – the one-minute trailer is packed with more explosive chaos than your average action movie manages in two hours.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches October 25 on PS4, PC, Xbox One.