Can you actually, like, push a person into a volcano?


Podtoid’s Peak

I recently realized that I know next to nothing about volcanoes. All my Volcano Knowledge is based on pop culture, certainly the sexiest possible take on volcanoes. I’m not sure the portrayal is accurate, though. Can I walk up to an active volcano — probably under the guise that I’m just going to throw my magic ring in — and push my best friend to his fiery doom? Can we peer cautiously over the edge together as I say “It’d be a shame if one of us slipped, huh?”

This is a question I plan to pose to Darren on Podtoid today. Darren is our resident scientist in the same way that you might give a toddler a plastic toy cell phone and then laugh “Look! He’s a business man! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell!” After he’s done jabbering, me and Steven will have a reasonable discussion and we’ll come to a definitive conclusion about how volcanoes work.

The information train doesn’t pull into the station there, though. We’re the conductors and you’re the, uh, whatever powers trains. Steam? Coal? A giant extension cord? Shit. I don’t know how trains work either.

The point is: Ask us questions in the comments and we’ll answer the good ones on this week’s Podtoid. Or tell us a funny story. Or draw us a picture even if that’s nearly impossible to convey in an audio-only show. Or just pander to us and tell us how handsome and smart and witty we are. Be our giant extension cord.