Capcom announces new Mega Man X mobile project, DiVE


How about we dive into a new main entry on PC/console?

Capcom keeps diving into the well of Mega Man X. Despite the fact that the series proper died with Mega Man X8in 2004, the publisher is keen to bring back Zero and X on a moment’s notice, cramming them into myriad fighting games, RPGs, and even card battlers. Those characters will truly never die, and now they’re going to be featured in a new mobile game called DiVE.

Announced by Capcom Taiwan, DiVE is described as an action RPG for iOS and Android that’s currently in development. More info was dumped in English by way of the official YouTube trailer description: “Deep Log: The digital world where “MEGAMEN [sic] X Series Game” was stored. Also the memory of “You” as a player…. “Deep Log” appears abnormal for unknown reasons All stages, Maverics ,all the characters from “MEGAMEN [sic] X Series” are all mixed up because of game errors. Come! Players Get into the Deep Log Beat the Maverics [sic] and get the game data repaired.”

Translation? Instead of a brand new adventure it seems like an “all-stars” project that involves past Mavericks (X‘s future version of Robot Master bosses). There’s even a little meta-story about the game being focused around your nostalgia/memories of playing the Xseries: a dangerous notion as those types of nostalgia-driven fans will likely push back against a mobile release like this. You can see how it plays in the short trailer below.

What’s wild about this is that Capcom is riding high on the property after Mega Man 11was well received both critically and commercially (among positive reactions for the Mega Man X Collections), and has been hinting at an Xseries revival for some time: maybe that should have came first? To repeat the mistakes of theRockman Xoverreveal reaction seems strange, but there’s a reason they’re softening the blow on their Taiwan arm first.