Capcom Cup 2017 will be a three-day event, retains brackets


I’m ducking it this year, lucky NuckleDu

This December, the best Street Fighter V scrappers in the world will gather in Anaheim, California for the 2017 Capcom Cup. The pugilists will throw down in the culmination of a year’s worth of tournament-battling and CPT point gathering.

This year’s event will take place over three days, rather than the usual two, beginning on Friday, December 8, with the Last Chance Qualifier being played at the Anaheim Hilton, just outside the Convention Centre. These competitors will battle it out through Saturday, with the Top Eight competing for ultimate glory on Sunday. Registration for the Last Chance Qualifier is open for registration now at, registration is $20, rising to $40 on the day. The qualifier is capped at 256 players.

This year’s event is also sticking with a traditional bracket system, foregoing the Group Phases, as was originally announced. The Group system was originally planned in an effort to make timing more accurate, involving less standing around and questioning for competitors and event staff. The Capcom Cup team are continuing to look into this as an option for future tournaments.

Once the dust has settled and we have a 2017 champion, then the road to Season Three, and the launch of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, begins, with the updated title scheduled for release January 16, 2018.

I’d also like to take a moment to announce that I, personally, will not be entering the Capcom Cup this year. I lost all my CPT points down the back of the sofa and as such do not qualify for the Top 32. Hopefully someone else will take Juri to victory in my honour. Actually, don’t, because she needs some frikkin’ buffs next year, badly.

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