Capcom is doing an Okami crossover with Monster Hunter Rise


Ah the benefit of owning tons of IP

Monster Hunter Rise has been out for a minute, and Capcom is still supporting it with free content. I mean, it behooves them to do so! They have a PC launch in early 2022 to last until of course, so generating interest and getting people to come back to the game is in their best interest. This OkamiĀ Monster Hunter collab is going to do just that.

Announced on Twitter this morning, Capcom explains that an Okami Palamute skin will be coming to the game on July 30. Note that this isn’t a half-assed cosmetic either, as the skin actually does look like Amaterasu, with all the fire and trimmings within. Before that we’ll be getting DLC cosmetics on July 29, followed by another Capcom collab in August, and two more in the fall, plus two event quests every week. The Okami promo is the second Capcom collab: the first was with Stories 2, and granted players a Tsukino layered armor Palico skin.

The Okami Monster Hunter DLC is free, and will be an even quest reward: so you don’t just get it instantly by logging in. That said, as a response on Twitter notes: “people were literally asking for this.” And it’s true on so many levels! Not only is this Okami Monster Hunter crossover a natural fit, but folks have been wanting Capcom to acknowledge the Okami brand more than they currently do for a long, long time.

Oh and another thing. Capcom notes that you can unlock an extra Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin layered armor set with save data for Stories 2 on the same console. As a reminder, layered armor is like glamor or transmog in Rise: you can wear whatever gear you want and utilize the layer as a skin of sorts that isn’t tied to your stats.