Capcom is looking into the Monster Hunter Rise Melding Pot issue


Until then, be wary of the pot

So far, with several weeks pre-launch and a few weeks post-launch, I haven’t hit any major Monster Hunter Risebugs. I’m lucky! They do exist, and Capcom is making an attempt to fix them, as evidenced by the 1.1.2 patch.

But the publisher evidently found another bug in Rise, and this one has to do with the melding pot.

Here’s the full statement from Capcom

“Regarding an issue with the Melding Pot: We have confirmed a bug for some players when using ‘Melding—Wisp of Mystery’ that results in the same Talismans being produced in the exact same order. We are currently looking into the cause and how to fix it, so we will post another notification as soon as we find out more. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our players. We kindly ask for your patience while we look into the matter.”

So let’s break this down. The Melding Pot is a mechanic that’s baked into some of the main vendors in the town square. It’s a way for players to basically craft talisman equipment (read: passive buffs) through different combinations of reagents. But in some particular cases, the bug causes duplicate item combos, unintentionally.

The notice from Capcom didn’t make it clear which combinations are impacted, but given the fairly fast turnaround for the last bug, it could be pushed live in a matter of days.

Important Notice [Capcom]