Capcom is making a proper Mega Man helmet


This can’t be cheap

Finally, a solution for the lazy and/or untalented among us!

Capcom will soon open pre-orders for a wearable Mega Man helmet “made of high quality ABS plastic with a high polish finish, authentic proportions, and details, plus working LED lights.”

These will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con ahead of a “limited-time pre-order opportunity” on Pricing? We’ll see, but I’m guessing the helmets won’t come cheap.

They have a clamshell hinge so you can squeeze your head in and, crucially, the interior is padded. As someone who has worn a certain green helmet before, if only for a minute, that’s reassuring.

Capcom Store at SDCC 2015 – Mega Man helmets, Ryu statue and more [Capcom-Unity]