Capcom is prepping a PC patch to fix Iceborne's faulty save data


Be on the lookout for version 10.12.01

[Update: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne version 10.12.01 is now live for PC with the promised CPU utilization improvements and a fix for the save data issues. Performance gains will be “dependent on the individual user’s PC configuration and hardware component,” according to Capcom.]

Sorely-needed fixes are coming to the newly-launched PC version of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

In the “next few days,” Capcom is looking to address two major issues: “unusually high” CPU usage that’s causing performance woes, and a save data compatibility bug that has eaten players’ progress.

The company summarized the situation in two separate posts on Steam.

  • We’ve noted an issue that resulted in an unusually high level of CPU utilization during active gameplay. The upcoming patch, which should be released in the coming days, should improve CPU utilization.
  • An issue has been discovered where the save data would not convert to the new file format if the save data and the game haven’t been updated after October 30, 2018 (UTC 23:00), the day when Kulve Taroth had been added to the game via Title Update. We will be releasing a patch in the coming days that will address this issue.
  • Please note the upcoming patch will update Iceborne to Ver. 10.12.01.

It’s unclear how far the save solution will go for players who are already affected. In the interim, if you ever see a “failed to read saved data” message asking you to create a new file, shut down the game.

The expansion itself is fantastic, and the Monster Hunter PC community is thriving right now (World has been pulling in 200,000+ concurrent players on Steam), so it’s a shame to see some fans left behind due to problems outside their control. I can’t imagine having to start the grind all over again.

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