Capcom just pushed a patch to address Monster Hunter: World's PC connection issues


How is it?

As developers move into the PC realm with very little prior experience, there’s bound to be some growing pains. Some are handling it better than others, and Capcom was fairly quick to address Monster Hunter: World‘s PC connection problems.

Just yesterday they released a new patch for the PC edition that attempts to rectify issues with online play, including bugs involving error messages and getting kicked out of online sessions on several occasions. The fix allegedly addresses getting kicked when searching for games, joining sessions, actively playing sessions, and a bug where the game crashes when swapping to full screen mode.Capcom reminds players to ensure that they’re using the newest version, 151910.

There seems to be a mixed reception to the patch on Steam’s own forums, so it may have no worked for everyone. Given that Capcom is “aware” of the bugs as long as people remain vocal and submit their error codes, there’s a good chance they’ll be addressed.

Status Update: Connection Error Issues [Steam]