Capcom lead says he has a story ready for a new Rival Schools


Yes please

Another year, another Rival Schools tease. For what feels like a lifetime I’ve been wanting another follow-up to the amazing two-disc PlayStation brawler besides Project Justice, and Hideaki Itsuno has been talking it up again recently.

During the NicoNico Chokaigi event last weekend, Famitsu had a chance to chat with him, and he hasn’t forgotten about the series. In fact, when asked by a fan about a sequel, he replied “I’ve already thought of a new story, so please send your requests to Capcom!”

It sounds like a longshot, but crazier things have happened due to pure fan demand. The idea is there, now we just need Capcom to fund it.

デビルメイクライ4 スペシャルエディション[Famitsu via Siliconera]