Capcom listened and The Mercenaries is back for Resident Evil Village


Unlocked after clearing the main campaign

Resident Evil Village has the bonus mode a lot of us have been wanting, and we got our first glimpse at it during this afternoon’s Resident Evil Showcase. That’s right, The Mercenaries is back. If you prefer PvE to PvP when it comes to the Resident Evil series, I’m right there with you. We finally got our wish.

Like before, Village‘s take on The Mercenaries is an arcade-style mode that’s all about clearing enemies as quickly as possible with the highest combos while, uh, making it out alive. (I always forget about that last part until it’s too late.) That said, it seems like a mix of the prior Mercenaries with the newer wacky alternate modes of Resident Evil 7. There are ability pickups, and, curiously, enemies have health bars.

Between areas, you can hit up the Duke’s shop to buy healing items, weapons, or upgrades. So unlike, say, Resident Evil 4‘s Mercenaries mode, this one has more long-term loadout planning to consider.

According to Capcom, The Mercenaries will be unlocked after you complete the main campaign.

The developer also teased that the “final stages become extremely difficult, but you’ll be rewarded when you complete each stage.” That incremental power fantasy is what I’m here for!