Capcom says Resident Evil Village is selling faster than RE7


Five million shipped to date

Resident Evil 7 completely brought the mainline RE franchise back from the dead in so many ways. I mean it was a pretty universally beloved entry critically, it ushered in a legitimacy to VR with a name brand and helped push some PSVR units, and it did extremely well commercially. But the secret to RE7‘s success was a long tail. Good word of mouth kept people coming back time and time again, and naturally, Capcom isn’t going to live this success down, as it’ll likely keep porting it to the next generation and beyond: as Capcom tends to do. But they also shared a new milestone this week: Resident Evil Village sales.

According to a recent earnings report, Capcom notes that Resident Evil Village sales are now topping out at five million shipped (so half a million more than the last update): a goal that’s actually selling “at a quicker pace than its preceding entry in the series.” So RE7. Capcom, in part, seems to credit some of the hype behind the game to the 25th anniversary of the series, which is bolstered by the recent Netflix CG show and the “live-action Hollywood adaptation” Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

Capcom clearly went hard on Resident Evil Village, pouring tons of marketing efforts into it, leveraging whatever it could to get the word out that yes, there was another Resident Evil coming; and it was more like RE7 and less like RE6. But only time will tell if Village is up for the task of reaching that “basically 10 million” mark that RE7 hit.

At the moment, RE7 holds the second overall spot on Capcom’s all-time platinum title selling list. With five million, following some clerical work, Resident Evil Village should show up as number 10, right below Street Fighter V‘s 5.8 million units sold.